Jane Sullivan

Associate Solicitor

Jane has over 29 years’ of experience and she has been with Tolhurst Fisher since 2011 on a part-time basis, having been a full-time Partner elsewhere previously.

Jane has worked within the Probate, Trusts and Tax area of law since qualification and therefore has an extensive range of skills and experience to give to clients. This experience is always delivered by Jane with it in mind that, as we act in a sensitive area, diplomacy, tact and empathy are skills required just as much as in-depth legal knowledge. Jane also appreciates that delay usually only worsens any situation and therefore she is an efficient adviser with a view to getting the job done as quickly and competently as possible.

Professional Summary
– Inheritance Tax mitigation
– Probate
– Trusts
– Wills
– Deputyship
– Lasting Powers of Attorney for Finance and Property and Health and Welfare
– Managing clients’ lives and financial affairs under Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Personal Summary
– Travel
– Theatre
– Concerts of all type of music
– Swimming

Case Studies
An estate which involved assets in excess of £90 million proved to be as complex as it was long but ensuring that the relevant documents were filed at the correct time and in the correct manner, all taxes being dealt with appropriately and the executors, beneficiaries and the other advisers involved were kept informed at all appropriate times eased the finalisation of the matter as swiftly as possible.

Quite often the preparation and execution of Lasting Powers of Attorney is only the beginning of the real assistance clients are looking for from Jane. Jane assists a number of clients in relation to finding and funding suitable care, ascertaining and tracing all assets of the client, securing these, considering wills and any other testamentary matters, simplifying the financial matters so that there is far less administration and paperwork for the client (and therefore this ultimately reduces costs), seeking, implementing and assisting with regard to independent financial advice if decided upon by the client, dealing with income tax matters and generally rationalising the finances.

In addition to this Jane regularly liaises with healthcare professionals to secure the very best care possible for the clients she looks after and indeed is a steady pair of hands in which to place your financial and health matters if and when you are unable to cope alone. Jane acts for many clients in this capacity and, if incapacity strikes later, Jane is also able to help the chosen attorneys in this way.

T: 01702 352511
E: jsullivan@tolhurstfisher.com