Reflections on Change

Without doubt, this pandemic has been hard on everyone and will shape the way we see the world for years to come. The office environment is no longer a static, communal place of work, with friendships and relationships blossoming and a wealth of communication and often times laughter. It has changed beyond all recognition with masks and screens, sanitiser and separation. That is if there is even an office open to go to or whether it is just day after day of home working isolation. It gives a whole new meaning to “home screen”.

And what of our poor clients who play cat and mouse with our front door as it has to swing locked shut at times to comply with government regulations? One minute they are in, albeit masked and sanitised, and then next they are offered “alfresco law”. Client confidentiality is always upmost in our minds as we step onto the street, mask on, documents in hand, pen at the ready to offer continued quality service to our clients.

We cannot talk in any depth out there as pedestrians seem to appear from all angles as soon as the document is unsheathed but all that needs to be said has been covered before the pavement dalliance in any case. We have been out there in wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures but it gets the job done and the peace of mind for clients flowing from this gives us more than the usual pleasure in a job well done. Although we will gratefully sit down in comfortable meeting rooms again with clients when we can, it has been satisfying to help people in unique ways during these troubled times.

Author: Jane Sullivan