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Financial Negotiations Within Divorce Proceedings and the Need for Independent Advice

We are sure that we were not the only family lawyers concerned by a recent decision of the Family Court which decided that a non-lawyer internet support company was not automatically placed in a position of potential conflict in assisting a divorcing couple to resolve their divorce and related financial matters by helping them to complete forms, negotiate financial matters and draft a consent order.

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A Reminder for Residential Landlords

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard Regulations (MEES Regulations) came into force on 1 April 2018 with the aim of encouraging landlords of residential and commercial property to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

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Covid-19 - Business Continuity Plan

In light of the Government’s latest announcements on the ongoing situation with COVID-19, the management team at Tolhurst Fisher has reviewed the firm’s business continuity policy.

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Capital Gains Tax for the Unwary

We are accustomed to reporting the disposal of residential and commercial property to HMRC as, unless an exemption applies, there will be a tax charge on the profit made on sale. This tax is called Capital Gains Tax.

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Listed Buildings - Do I need an EPC?

There is a general assumption that Listed Buildings are exempt from the requirements for an EPC. This is correct up to a point in that buildings protected as "part of the designated environment" or because of their "special architectural or historical merit" do not require an EPC on the basis that compliance with the minimum energy performance requirements would "unacceptably alter their character or appearance"

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