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How to sell a flat with a short lease

Having a short lease is a common problem especially when you are looking to sell your flat. The reason being is due to your lease being granted for a number of years so as time goes by the term of the lease reduces.

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DOLS: They Certainly Aren't Child's Play

Incidents of a Deprivation of Liberty are on the increase. Often, these are used to detain people in a hospital or place them in a care home despite the person in question (“the Patient”) not consenting, or being unable to consent, to the same.

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Probate Court Fees

The Government seems hell bent on taxing estates by the back door. Not content with a 40% inheritance tax bill and allowances that have barely increased since 1986, we are now faced with an impending massive hike in probate court fees.

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The last slice for Copyright protection

The European Court of Justice held that the taste of food cannot be protected by Copyright. The Court held that the taste of food was too "subjective and variable" for it to meet the requirements for copyright protection.

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