The 25th of May has now passed and in accordance with the law, everyone should now be compliant with the new GDPR. Like most things in life, this will certainly not be the case. We have assisted many clients with their privacy policies and other various documents that needed to be updated.

The GDPR isn’t just about being compliant with the law, it can also be used to a business’s advantage. For example, it gives businesses a chance to have a clear out of their current databases and remove the email addresses and contacts that are no longer useful. It is better to have a database with 100 strong connections and leads than 100,000 random names and addresses.

Being compliant with the GDPR is also good for a business’s reputation. Being able to show customers and clients that you have taken the steps to be compliant will give them confidence in your business and it shows professionalism and good business ethic.

Many questions will be asked over the next few months and people will be unsure about how to go about marketing and contacting people in order to create need leads and generate business. Here at Tolhurst Fisher we offer a variety of packages that will help your business to become compliant and we offer an aftercare service for clients to use. This means that they can contact us with any GDPR questions and we will answer them. This is all included in the package we offer.