Covid-19 – Business Continuity Plan

 We have reviewed our office practices in the light of the Government’s latest announcements on the Corona virus.

Our primary duties are to reduce the risk of contagion to our staff and clients while continuing to provide effective legal services.

Until the Government says otherwise, we will continue to keep our offices open. We have made arrangements for some of our staff to work from home for various reasons but this should not impact on our service levels.

We have the following measures in place to comply with the Government guidance on social isolation:

  • we ask that our clients and others communicate with us by telephone or email.
  • if a meeting is unavoidable, we will, where possible, restrict the number of attendees and maximise space in meeting rooms.
  • our reception area will preserve a space between visitors and our staff
  • a more frequent cleaning regimen is in place, with particular focus on contact areas and the provision of adequate handwashing facilities. Our staff and visitors are asked to comply with Government guidance on hygiene.
  • we have taken steps to ensure that our staff self-isolate as necessary in accordance with Government guidelines.

We will endeavour to manage challenges created by this outbreak and to do so in a sensitive and constructive manner, and introduce such further measures as may be required.